Available Knives: Email Lottery

So, my beloved old website has given up the ghost. I’ll be at work on a new one this next month or so, and in mean time will run the wall by way of email lottery. When they’re ready I’ll email a photo and description to those on my list and will gather and randomly pick a name for each knife from among those who respond. Next one should be mid-January. If you’d like to receive them, email with the subject line “Lottery List” and I’ll include you. We’ll see how it goes—it was likely time for this system to evolve in any case.

What a year! It was a hard one and I’m not sorry to see it in the rearview. Long as the sun comes up there’s time to do better, so here’s to better things in the new year, and your health and happiness. Be safe out there, have a wonderful holiday, and thank you for taking the time!

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Magnets, Wax, Boards

My pal Nils makes the boards, I make the other stuff.


Tune in for tuneups.


About Cut Brooklyn

Welcome to Cut Brooklyn. I’m Joel Bukiewicz, owner and operator of a Brooklyn workshop where I design and craft world class kitchen cutlery for the New York City area and beyond. I handcraft all the pieces found on these pages one at a time in my shop, from the finest materials available and with the care and attention to detail that precision cutting tools deserve. My mission is to build you a beautiful knife that performs at the very highest level for a lifetime of service and enjoyment.

Everything I make comes with lifetime service, so my knives are always welcome back in the shop and I look forward to tuning your blade back to grade-A condition.

Thanks for checking out my work and I look forward to hearing from you!


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