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Available Knives: 6 August, 2017

Short wall today because I got hit pretty good on Friday at the shop. Glad folks are figuring out the new shop hours. I’m in the middle of patching together an exhaust for the Cutlass and covered in rust and grime so gonna make this quick. Have at em, left to right:

...a Journeyman 240 in 52100 carbon steel and spalted maple, with brass and copper mosaic pins ($750—Sold), a Journeyman 120 in 1095 carbon steel and black walnut, with green, brass and steel mosaic pins ($350—Sold), and an Osaka Journeyman 240 in cladded Hitachi Blue #2 carbon steel, and funky maple, with red and white accents ($750—Sold—hit me up for further information on the collaboration that’s led to this knife).

The mosaic pins were made by Sally Martin of Provision Forge in Oregon, who is hugely talented and is alway there when you need her; the wood came from Green County in the Great Northern Catskills, and all of these come with sayas.

Hit me with an email if one of these is yours, and hope you’re out there getting your summer on!

Joel Bukiewicz

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Magnets, Wax, Boards

My pal Nils makes the boards, I make the other stuff.


Bring your knives down to the shop and I’ll make em sharp.


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Welcome to Cut Brooklyn. I’m Joel Bukiewicz, owner and operator of a Brooklyn workshop where I design and craft world class kitchen cutlery for the New York City area and beyond. I handcraft all the pieces found on these pages one at a time in my shop, from the finest materials available and with the care and attention to detail that precision cutting tools deserve. My mission is to build you a beautiful knife that performs at the very highest level for a lifetime of service and enjoyment.

Everything I make comes with lifetime service, so my knives are always welcome back in the shop and I look forward to tuning your blade back to grade-A condition.

Thanks for checking out my work and I look forward to hearing from you!


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