**Please note that I’m out of magnets for the time being and I’m not sure when I’ll be making more, not any time in the real near future.**

For hanging your knives. We make them here in the shop with scrap wood sourced from various folks—woodworkers here in Brooklyn, downed trees upstate, etc. The backs are pocketed out and there are super strong rare earth magnets back in there doing the work. I’m doing them mostly in walnut these days, in 13”, 16” and 22” lengths. And they’re $75, $85 and $105 respectively. With a logo branded in there or not. Send over an email if you’d like one.


This is a pretty simple deal we also do here in the shop. It’s just food grade mineral oil cooked up with raw local bee’s wax. And it makes for a nice buttery treatment for your cutting board as well as the magnets we sell, and the nice wood handles on your knives. It’s $8 for a 4oz jar.

Shout if you’d like some.


My buddy and old assistant Nils Wessell is making some pretty fine cutting boards these days. He operates under the name Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, and you can get his beautiful work shipped your way through his website.

We do also keep a nice selection of Nil’s boards for sale here at the shop, but if you want one of those you’ll have to come down and see us and shake my hand.