I’m pretty good at making knives cut well, so bring yours down to the shop and I’ll tune em up. You can drop them off during shop hours, and pick up the following open shop day. Open shop hours are Wednesdays 1-8pm and Fridays 1-8pm. It’s not a stand-and-wait deal, I’ll take a little time with your knives and I generally take that time when the day’s over and everyone’s gone to bed. Also, I do this as a local service, for folks in the neighborhood and the city, so I don’t take in sharpening by mail (unless you’re sending in one of my knives). And I also don’t take in rehandle work on old knives.

Barring serious edge/bolster repair, you’re looking at $10 for large chef’s knives, scaled down from there. If you’ve got any questions about it just hit me with an email.